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being a racer like Schumacher

Now that he wants to discuss my academic achievements with me, my mood will start to be bad. He first smiled at me meaningfully, this smile is very insidious to me. He said to me: "Your teacher told me that you are dreaming of being a racer like Schumacher all day, and you don't like to learn, right?" "Yes." I feel that there are some contempt in his words, which is a great insult to the dignity of a 14-year-old boy. I am a little provocative to say: "Schumacher is my idol. He is very bad when he is as big as me. He also scored zero points. Now he is not the world's top racer?" Liu Wei suddenly smiled heartily, and the laughter made me feel a bit cloudy: "He took zero points and became a racer. However, you have never tested zero points, every time is 'C' After that, his hand came out from behind and rushed me to raise the transcript. He even laughed at me, I have not tested zero points? I really feel that I have been insulted. I swallowed a sip and made a deep voice from my throat: "So, would you like me to give you a zero point for you?" He leaned back on the chair and put a very comfortable posture. He smiled. "Okay, your idea is very good! Let us make a bet. If you take a zero, then you I am free from my studies, and I will never interfere;





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